Simple Dirty Raceway Playground (SDRP)

Description: Nothing really fancy here. It is what it says: just simple, dirty, raceway playground.
The track was made with JimK's Off-Road kit.
What is so special about it is that you can play in any game mode, which is I believe the first
Re-Volt extreme track ever to do this.
Arena layout is quite open, so that's a great point for Battle Tag and Stunt Arena modes.
It includes various ramps, a pool with water, some trees, objects like: bottles, beach ball and cones. As for racing layout, it is really short and simple.

  • Compatible with all game modes, includes:       Single Race, Time Trial, Practice, Stunt Arena and Battle Tag
  • Reverse mode enabled (Single Race)
  • Time Trial times by track author
  • Hard to pick star in Practice mode
  • 25 Stunt Arena stars to collect
  • Rain option (on/off, off by default)
  • 4 different F5/Replay cameras
  • 3 secrets ("Easter eggs") to find with F6 (free view) camera
Release date: 2012-11-03
Folder name: SDirtyRPlaygrnd
Track Type: All
Length: 220 meters
Difficulty: Easy
Reversed Mode: Yes
Included Time Trial Times: Yes
Stunt Arena Stars: 25
Custom Features: Loading screen
Bonus Features: Yes

Requirements: latest v1.2 Alpha patch (minimum rv1.2a12.0815), faster PC than game recommended system requirements.

Due to game limitations with multiple game modes for one track, you need to use a simple tool included in the archive.
Open 'Track settings.bat' file inside "levels\SDirtyRPlaygrnd" to change game modes and some other stuff.
For more information, look "readme.txt" in the level folder.

Road of Simplicity 1 (ROS1)

Description: Very, very simple track. Basically, you get what you see here. The design was inspired by retro (1st generation) video games, like "Pong"... 'white-squares-in-black-background-design' or however you want to call it.
You simply race on white road, and it has no walls, so be careful not to fall off.

  • Simple, but difficult road
  • Reversed mode
  • Time Trial times by track author
  • Custom sounds and graphics

Release date: 2012-12-31
Folder name: simplroad1
Track Type: Single Race
Length: 276 meters
Difficulty: Hard
Reversed Mode: Yes
Practice Star: No
Included Time Trial Times: Yes
Custom Features: Yes
Bonus Features: No

Recommended to use latest Re-Volt v1.2 patch.

Preparing for 2015 re-release
(updated description and readme)

Road of Simplicity LMS (ROS LMS)

Description: It's arena for "Last Man Standing" game mode, based on "Road of Simplicity 1".
One of the most popular arena's for LMS game mode!

In "Last Man Standing" you must knock out all players from platforms by using pickups. Last survivor on platform wins.

  • Don't fall off the platform
  • Get the other player off the platform with pick-ups

Release date: 2013-05-05
Folder name: lms_simplroad

Track Type: Last Man Standing

(Online only)
Difficulty: Extreme
Number of Stars: 2
Custom Features: Yes
Bonus Features: No

Recommended to use latest Re-Volt v1.2 patch.

Preparing for 2015 re-release

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