Welcome to my site!
2016 is a busy year for me. Don't expect any updates for quite a while.

This is dedicated mostly to my video game creations. It is Just a personal website to store stuff in one place.
The page is still work in progress. I never find proper time or motivation to work on it. Updates happen randomly.


[2015-12-13] More bollocks

Had a lot of problems with my computer: freezes, crashes, BSODS, dead boot, impossibility to reinstall Windows, dead BIOS. Yeah.
But hey, it works now. Had to replace motherboard, I also got another 500GB HDD, it's something.
This site section is becoming a blog, so I've removed some earlier entries and will put them in my 'yet-nonexistent-blog' someday.

I'll hopefully be done with my track re-releases this holiday.
2016 will be a busy year for me, don't expect much. Maybe some activity in my YouTube channel.

[2015-11-05] Quick note

Nothing important to announce :(       Reached 500 games on Steam though. Yey, I guess.
About actual things, well, I'm kinda busy IRL and have other, higher priorities, so some minor re-releases I've mentioned before will be done later.

P.S. If you have "Stylish" plugin in your browser, you can download this style to hide that annoying floating 'webs' footer at the bottom.

[2015-08-29] Minor site update

Updated some pages (Re-Volt Tracks for example), modified color scheme for links.

P.S.: Did I already mention that Webs editor is pain in the ass to use? I was seriously pissed when I tried to properly align some objects and write this text box. If you use backspace, it unfocuses writing field which requires you to click on it every damn time.
Stay cool.

[2015-01-23] 2015 update.

Did good amount of work on the website. Re-Volt tracks are moved, at last. Webs is still being pain in the ass, can't sometimes get hyperlinks to work, doesn't save and etc. Planned to make a blog a while ago, but decided not to. This site doesn't even get enough updates from me, how can I talk about creating another one?
Expect updates sooner. I'm serious this time.

[2014-07-26] White bottom border, inactivity and other stuff.

You see that webs border at the bottom of this page? Yes, it's quite annoying I have to admit, but can't do anything about it, sorry.
Any progress on ANYTHING? Well, nothing really interesting. Worked on some stuff though.
I've did some minor changes on the website. I will be moving Re-Volt tracks from my old site soon enough.

[2014-01-12] Another year and the page is still inactive.

Yeah. First of all, Happy New Year!! And second, sorry for not updating the page. Honestly, I didn't really done anything those past months to put here. Ah yes, I've added links page, nothing spectacular.

[2013-09-23] New site... again.

After a loooong break, I've redone the page. It's based on the same "webs" page design, but with some touch. I suck at html, so this is all I can do... for now.